Try These Amazing Natural Wedding Posing Tips For Better Results!

If You Want Much Better Photos, Then You Should Try These Natural Wedding Posing Tips!

Wedding photography is actually an art, not just a profession. The more creative and natural you capture photos, the more attractive and pleasant they get.

Wedding photography is mostly about posing and gesturing. If you want to create shots that attract true emotions, you might think about new and natural ways of posing. You have to direct people how to pose naturally in front of camera and the rest will be just technical skills.

This great article shows some great natural wedding posing tips for better results.

Read through this, check out the photos and let us know about your thoughts!

1. Stay in Touch

There is something very intimate and powerful about seeing people touching. This might seem obvious to you, but I think a mistake can be made by leaving space between couples or groups. Tell your groups “Get real close- don’t be afraid of each other!” Or something silly like “Pretend you like each other!” with a big smile on your face. With the groomsmen, I love getting them in a line for something formal, and then telling everyone to “Harass the groom!”

Look at the difference in a photo when you have people connecting physically. It doesn’t always have to be romantic to get a great photo.
Look at the difference in a photo when you have people connecting physically. It doesn’t always have to be romantic to get a great photo.

2. Walk Away and Come Back

This is my go to wedding posing instruction for most brides and grooms. I tell them to “Walk away, talk about what you’re going to do tomorrow.” Then after a few good shots I tell them to “Come back.” It’s the easiest thing for them to do, they aren’t thinking about themselves or me because I’m far enough away, and it looks natural because it is natural.


3. Look at Your Shoes

This is a fun one that I’ve discovered makes for a very pretty glamour shot with the brides. Often I’ll see them look over their side at their shoes or the bottom of their dress, and the moment always seems fresh and natural and pretty, especially showcasing their profile. If they aren’t doing that naturally, you can always say “Look over your shoulder at your shoes.” Be ready to click in a moment!


4. Button Up

There are some great natural wedding posing moments with the groom as he is getting ready. As the title suggests, tell the groom to unbutton and button his jacket up. Or put on his cufflinks. Or adjust his bowtie/tie. This gives him something to do, the moment looks natural and masculine, and if you are near some nice window light, you’ve got your money shot.


5. Help the Groom Get Ready

This also involves the groom, but is a slight variant on the last tip. Have the groom’s father or best man (or anyone, really) help adjust something on the groom. Ideally his bowtie, tie, or boutonniere. If they aren’t doing it already, ask a groomsman if he can “make sure the groom’s tie is on right.” This creates a natural moment that looks great, and also involves tip #1, Stay in Touch.



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