Get Inspired By These Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

These Unique Wedding Photo Ideas Will Inspire You a Lot!

Some might consider traditional wedding photos as cliché and want to be unique. Well, if you have run out of ideas, then you might need to look around for some creative ones.

This article shows you over 20 photos which will inspire you. You don’t need to exactly copy everything. Just get inspired!

Read through the article and check out the creative images! What are your thoughts?!

We are all familiar with traditional wedding shots by now – kissing at the altar, the bouquet, the first dance, the bridal party and so on. But a truly awesome wedding photo needs a spark of creativity and fun too! After all, apart from your gorgeous wedding outfits, it’s the photos that you will treasure many many years after that faithful “I do”.

Candid or posed, doesn’t matter. As long as you can look back at your wedding album and share a few LOLs together. Here are a list of ideas you may steal for those once in a lifetime, must-capture moments…

Remember The Promise


Carry Her Through Thick & Thin


Or Make Full Use Of The Groomsmen  (Hey, that’s what they are for!)


Anywhere Can Be A Wedding Location


Especially At A Place Where It Actually IS FUN


Add Some Humor


And More…



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23 Creative Wedding Photo Ideas


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