Do You REALLY Want to Be a Wedding Photographer?!

Read This Article Carefully If You Really Want To Be A Wedding Photographer!

As soon as you hear about wedding photography, you would just dream about ceremony, music, dance, cakes, dinner and very good payout.

Well, that’s not always the case. At least, there are many cons about the wedding photography profession, too.

If you are so passionate about wedding photography and thinking about it as a profession, then you might need to know the real facts. This great article talks about the truth behind wedding photography and helps you a lot if you really want to be a wedding photographer.

Read though this, check out the images and let us what you feel and think!

If you want to be a wedding photographer, you need to stop and think about your life.

So you want to be a wedding photographer? Want to go pro, go full-time, ditch that desk and take the industry by storm? Stop and think about your life. Do you LOVE to work? Like, truly LOVE working? Not the recognition, not the money and the fame, and least of all the internal accomplishment feedback that comes from achieving small successes that only you can see. Nope, you pretty much need to love doing the work.

Photo by Leeann Marie
Photo by Leeann Marie

Many fantasize about becoming professional wedding photographers. When you see rock-star photographers, their glamorous lives, their cool hair and fast cars, you perhaps do not see the hours, days, weeks and years of hard and thankless work that got their stars a-rockin’. That’s understandable. And when you realize that many of the actual photographs produced by these top producers are not, in fact, much better than yours, it looks that much more appealing. But looks can be deceiving.

All the work behind these very visible, public success stories is very hard to see, and there are good reasons for this. First, it’s not pretty and nobody would believe it anyway. We want our stars to be both common and magical. We want to believe that it’s possible for all of us to rise from the daily grind and ascend to stardom. And we don’t believe in the purgatory of work that must be crossed in the middle.
Zach and Jody photographed by Amy and Jordan Demos

Zach Gray shot school portraits, Jasmine Star was a lowly model for Mike Colon, Matt Kennedy…well, he kind of was a rock star already…and pretty much everybody else you’ve ever heard of, before they were full-time photographers, they were doing something else, and often that something was kind of lame.

What are you doing now? Is it lame? Is it hard, thankless, tiresome, poorly-compensated, soul-wearying work? If you are thinking that wedding photography could be your ticket to a world without work, you are sadly mistaken and will be sorely disappointed. However, if you flat-out love the work of photography, crave the process, and are committed to the path, let’s talk about all the work required to live that life.


Buying that first camera is hard. First, you have to save your money, stretch your credit or make do with what you can borrow or steal. Once you have become comfortable with this first piece of gear, you’ll need to keep pinching pennies to add some glass to that body.

If you’re one of the more clever, forward-thinking types, you’ll invest carefully, knowing that each investment is built on the one before. However, at first, most everybody just kind of gets what they can get and grows from there.

Just know that you’ll need to buy some stuff, and then more stuff, just to get your foot in the water. Are you already past this step? Already got the gear, got the feet wet, and you’re feeling quite superior to this noob we’re describing? Ah, good! Lookout stardom!

Education is a lot of work. And it’s confusing! What should you be investing in? Star-Shooter’s Workflow-a-Matic? Magic Mike’s Marketing Mojo? Stunning Steve’s Technical Tricks? Ina’s Inspiration Shindig? Second shoot for a year or more?

Yes, you probably need all of them. And you need to read the right books, watch the right videos, and listen to the right podcasts. You need to invest your free time in building up your toolkit of technical know-how, marketing methodologies and business basics. It’s not easy, but if you want to be a star, or at least pay your rent, you must constantly educate yourself.



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You Sure You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer?


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